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Marni & Ladurée

On the occasion of fashion week, the recently opened Ladurée boutique in Milan  dedicated a window to Marni.
The concept represents the two brands : Marni with its Italian tradition, depicted by the Duomo di Milano and Ladurée, a prominent French symbol.

 For Ladurée, Consuelo Castiglioni has designed this limited edition box featuring Marni’s distinctive elements such as the polka dot motifs and flower applications.

The box is available in two sizes: for eight or eighteen macaroons and will contain, in the limited edition series, chocolate filled macaroons adorned with gold sheets or a customized version where macaroon lovers can choose their favourite flavours


extremely proud and happy to present you my new fashion story, a feminine late 70′s delirium, already out in Vogue Hellas November issue.

Photographer: Christos Karantzolas

Fashion editor: Despina Isopoulou

Make-up: Yiannis Siskos

Hair: Nicholas Viliotis

Photo assistant: George Markozanis

milanese taste

Vogue Hellas fashion editor Giorgia Pantele travelled to Milan for the fashion week and has some things to show us:

when your day starts with this, then it’s definitely going to be a fine day..

two great collections: Jil Sander..

..and MaxMaramy friend Polina Sarri took a picture of those three grand ladies- Anna, Grace, Carine, always good to see you.

at the presentation of Gianvito Rossi collection

Chanel bags always prefer to go out together

Beyond Dress Codes

at the opening of the exhibition “Beyond Dress Codes” last night, at the Hellenic American Union Galleries. Greek inspiration and beautiful outfits, some of them way too beautiful and artistic

The exhibition is curated by Lydia Kamitsis on the occasion of the forthcoming publication of “Traditional Greek Costume” by the Hellenic American Union and it will be open until October 27 2010.


more hip bags of this season! i absolutely adore those new-retro bags that look like picked-up from mom’s closet, so 70′s and more practical (we’d almost forgotten what it’s like not to carry all your property in a bag). A Chloe and a Gucci beauty, both from winter collection.

new website

Digitaria relaunches its website, with new layout, full collections & a fresh online shop available to all. Image from Digitaria fw2010-11 collection.

A temporary area: Athens

in September 2009 Vincent Moon and Thomas Rabillon of  La Blogotheque visited Athens for several days, invited by Athens International Film Festival to shoot, as they said, a musical experiment: 15 local bands performing live in one take.

many dear friends of mine participated in this event that day of September, which took place at Booze Cooperativa, so i was there, enjoying myself in a musical celebration and a very interesting project with different artists performing in all the three floors of the building and Vincent Moon twirling around them with a camera, to create a year after what was called ‘A temporary Area in Athens’.

The music documentary premiered last night during Athens International Film Festival 2010 and as Thomas said in a small introduction, the outcome in total was rather focused on a greek sensation and the way underground greek artists are related to music and their music projects, rather to a presentation of the artists themselves.

i thought the outcome was beautiful, artistically speaking, but i would prefer to see more of a documentary side- although i admit one can’t shoot a documentary in a week, i mean how deep can one ‘dig’ into a situation?  however, to some viewers the movie seemed sloppy

the whole film was created in the same way the  duo works all this time, sharing the same vision and aesthetics. an interesting short film presenting in 45 minutes last September’s eight vivid hours, with people sharing a unique energy and atmosphere

Pollini’s renewal

The English designer Nicholas Kirkwood, Design Director of the amazing accessories brand since 2008, has been appointed Pollini Creative Director and his first spring/summer 2011 collection will be presented during Milan Fashion Week at the end of September.

In his new role as Creative Director, Nicholas Kirkwood will launch the “Pollini Forward Designers” project: A collaboration with five ready-to-wear designers, personally selected by Nicholas Kirkwood, and for which Pollini will collaboratively design and produce their S/S ’11 fashion show shoes.

On the runways of New York, London, and Paris fashion weeks, these 5 designers represent the best among the young creative talent on the international fashion scene today:  Preen, presented on September 12th in New York, to Meadham Kirchhoff, Michael Van der Ham, Louise Gray in London and Manish Arora in Paris.

Pollini sketches for Preen

The “Pollini Forward Designers” shoes will be available to view in all Pollini showrooms following the shows and will allow each of the designers to reinforce their brand awareness. These shoes will be available at retail from February 2011.

two nights at Bios

Bios turned 8 and the celebration line-up was too hot to ignore. Moderat, Autechre, Gonjasufi and Gaslamp Killer amongst others made a stop in Athens and the 30-minute-long waiting line that turned around the corner at Bios mirrored people’s excitement

Moderat with their emotional melancholic idm were the first to watch, an amazing right-on-the-moment set with  beautiful visuals and guitar soundscapes by Apparat himself, a fantastic set till the last moment. took some videos and pictures but i was having too much of a good time to do it better

YouTube Preview Image

Ok, so you know who Autechre are, you have a slight idea about what they have been doing for the last 20-22 years at the forefront of digital, innovative, glitch music scene and then you hear that you have one good chance of watching them perform live. And you think “hmmmm, that might actually be something different, why not?”

But, my friend, you actually have no idea on what these guys do when they perform live. we were putting bets whether they’ll play a continuous techno set or they’ll do their own introvert thing. And they did the second: It was a 2hour-not a minute longer- show where they create right in front of you musical blankets, ‘breaking’ every single beat and drum with no sign of repeatition at all and after distorting all these electronic, scientific, minimal bits and pieces with no pattern whatsoever, they feed it to you. And the strangest thing of all?  you love it. Well, we did. We realized we’d been dancing for 2 hours straight to something we’d never heard before and we actually asked for more volume, more distortion, more time.

You step outside for a breath of fresh air but haven’t realised yet what the hell was that and why did it hypnotize you. It’s the first time rookie feeling. All you know is that you freaking loved it. You can take a taste here – only sound and no lights in this video at all.

no need to mention that Bios’ new Transformers-like soundsystem, consisting of a couple of a 3-meters-high Megatron woofers worth their money

next day the festival began with Onra playing their japanese neo-funk, full of party vibes. And then the Sufi came along. And showed us how the desert-inspired psychedelic hip-hop is made. His electric ear-piercing voice, apart from singing tracks from his debut album, couldn’t match better with Gaslamp Killer’s new-era Californian stuff that sounded something like Fly-Lo’s “Cosmogramma”.

Although i would prefer less of GLK and more of Gonjasufi – since that crazy guy with the cartoon-like voice and appearance interrupted every single track to make some noise – the show was an absolute blast and the crowd was jigging.

and for the end Ikonika was a very pleasant surprised after all this hypertension, she kept the crowds indoors and the party going.

another small video with bad bad sound but i hope you don’t mind cause Gonjasufi sings the Sheep.

YouTube Preview Image

need more weekends like this one please, pretty please


some FNO around Athens

my evening started with some backstage FNO preparation with guests coming in and out of hotel Grand Bretagne, me and Christos working and fooling around at the same time, some walks around Athens that brought us in front of the Blahnik boutique where i saw Thalia and Haritini with a “Manolo” cocktail on one hand and a camera on the other, more walks and quick drinks from store to store, friends and intimate faces around Central bar sharing news -Mariaflora‘s leaving today for a strong taste of London’s fashion week and Dimitris, the owner of Number 3, brought a new Comme des Garcons collection- and a quick drop at Pop in the end, where it always feels like home


A man with no ankles

warm voice – sweet  melodies – excellent orchestration – a violin:

say no morenew song freshly released, from Owen Pallette’s four-song EP out in September 28,  “A swedish love story” .

A man with no ankles

YouTube Preview Image