Pierre Hardy new Colorama Graff

This season, the new Pierre Hardy Colorama pays tribute to Graffiti Art.

In the essence of a tag, the Colorama Graff takes its shape in a series of wide, white “marker” like lines, enhancing the contours of its brightly multicolored backgrounds. An additional thin black patent piping highlights these different areas of contrasted colors (Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue, Grey).

As of June 2010, The COLORAMA GRAFF, limited edition # 6 to 500 pairs, will be available in an exclusive selection of the best boutiques worldwide :

PARIS PIERRE HARDY Palais Bourbon — PIERRE HARDY Palais Royal — Colette, NEW YORK Barney’s Jeffrey — LONDRES Dover Street Market — MILAN Corso Como — FLORENCE Luisa Via Roma — BERLIN Quartier 206 — AMSTERDAM Shoebaloo — AMICIS Vienne —ATHENES Freeshop — SAINT PETERSBOURG Day & Night — TCHELYABINSK Iqons— SINGAPOUR Club 21 — SEOUL Corso Como —HONG KONG Joyce —TOKYO Isetan


backstage exhaustion

our shooting for the last two days would sound ideal to anyone who happened to hear about it: three beautiful girls, unique evening dresses from the biggest fashion houses laying under the sun by the sea at Astir Palace hotel at southern suburbs.  well, not quite because between sequins, silk fabrics and feathers we managed to fight aaaall of us with each other,  a pair every half an hour from 8.00 in the morning until around 19.00 i got home, plus a two hours fight session afterwards on phone.

but since the team has gone through an almost military training all those years, we did carry through the shooting successfully and manage not to hurt each other or the models, although i believe the photographer came that close to throw one of them in the sea and strangle the other with the boat rope. half of them blamed the full moon and the others the angle of Mars or some planet but they all agreed this was something having undoubtably to do with the stars and with some great powers beyond them.

Nevertheless, the story looks great. But i think i need my summer vacations a bit earlier. like, now.



when flowers become jewels

i like orchids.

not my favorite flower, i  prefer simpler forms of this world’s flora, humble flowers like anemones and freesias- but who can deny the majesty and beauty of an orchid?

that’s what charmed Pier Paolo Piccioli and Maria Chiuri at Valentino House for this season, as many other designers in the past, and created those beautiful orchid cuffs that wrap with tulle around the wrist.  a couple of them arrived this week at work for our next shooting and although they look a bit aggressive shot still-life, they become astonishing when worn.

however today i visited Lito Karakostanoglou ‘Cabinet des Curiosités’, a jewel designer whose collections i can spend hours looking carefully the details and uniqueness of every single piece, and i found something i ‘d never seen before, a special jewel magnificent as something created by nature. actually it was.

a real orchid, dipped in gold and finished with enamel, hanging on a chain with amethysts.

my heart skipped a beat.




i’ve about a zillion things to do this week plus a two-day outdoor shooting from dust till dawn so i got to run.

since i hardly ever wear any sneakers (that means only for jogging),  i leave you with those Roger Vivier flat sandals ss10, that are closer to what i mean comfortable to work in the city.



Orila presenting: Ku-Ping Pong Show

Although I had an idea of what to expect yesterday from orila’s gig for their new release of artist Ku, “Ping Pong Show”, the whole event in total exceeded our expectation. Set-up  on a rooftop with a magnificent view, in front of the lights of Acropolis by sunset, Mr. Lo-Fi made a small introduction with his collectibles vinyls to warm up the audience for Ku’s performance.

Ku’s -Dimitris Papadatos- experimental porn pop music matched uniquely with the environment and the tense of the moment, offering us a mesmerizing mind-travel 

This new release of Orila includes 6 various versions of Ku’s songs, as performed live on triparadio.gr a few months ago and recorded on tape with a beautiful artwork. Some of them together with a few gramophone vinyls were given randomly to the guests

the performance ended with two thai magic-lanterns that flew over the night sky till we couldn’t see them anymore and burned to ashes

the closure of the evening  consisted of some more wine, laughs, and an improvisation of the musicians among us who freely coordinated with their guitars- synths-kalimbas and bass for an hour, for a goodnight ending.

congratulations to Orila, Dimitri and the whole team for a great job and a wonderful evening


KUAKUAKUA sunday night to a bar near you

Dear friends and family,

despite the actual fact that time is little and precious and as if we didn’t have enough in mind already, me and my tramp Vassilis , decided to spend another night playing music for those of you brave ones dare to join as again. being stressed to death last time we joined forces in January, i don’t have a clear idea weather you had a nice time or not but judging from the pictures, some of you might actually have liked it. so we have the audacity to dice-play your sunday night again.

Vassilis also had this magnificent idea to name us “Kuakuakua”.

don’t look at me.

I never agreed to that and i don’t even dare try to understand how is it Being John Malkovich but i know little about photoshop so i’m in his mercy.

you’re most welcome to pass by 6 D.O.G.S for a drink around 22.00 and ask for your favorite song. i probably won’t play it  but i’m dying to know what you have in mind.

yours sincerely,




my precious..

if i was nominated for the oscars, i would definitely go take my prize wearing these 4,500 dollars:

Valentino lace pumps in collaboration with milliner Philip Treacy, backstage while working



the milky way

these golden and silver platted rings are from the collection “Galaxy” (you understand where they took their name from i guess) by jewelry designer Maria Koutmani. They caught my eye the other day at the gallery “This is not a gallery”, during the photo shoot of the owner Sandra Berten. i think this one below has already my name on it.