the work of a lifetime

this is old news but today i finally managed to see Yannis Tsarouchis 1910-1989 exhibition at Benaki Museum and it was b e a u t i f u l, two floors dedicated to his immense work of life.
The different thing about him is that he wasn’t just a painter but a multifarious intellectual that painted, wrote poems, worked for theater and cinema and contributed to the culture of a century, oscillating between east and west and transforming this blend of cultural elements into art.

you’ve all seen his famous sailors and bicyclists..

..but i half secretly took a shot of this hand-drawn fan that dedicated to actress Katina Paksinou..

..and of this cute little set design model for Debussy’s music composition

To those of you last minute visitors i ‘d suggest to hurry up, the exhibition ends on the 14th of March.



this is what it’s like

sunday’s love song by Arthur Russell

I cannot describe you how does this song make me feel, i want to scream the chorus out loudly and stand still with my hands open and that’s the only thing i’m able to do under its grasp “and love is sweet like that”.

As a friend says.

YouTube Preview Image



make some room

for my new collectable Prada book!

it was sent to my office this week, weighs more than 3 kilos and needs to find its own space in my house. No bookcase needed since i intend to take a look at it every day until i absorb all the information. it includes the history of the fashion house, pictures of the products and the workspaces, the history of the collections, Prada projects such as the Prada Transformer, campaigns and numerous charming things to know, illustrated in 700 pages of fine paper.

as it is written by Miuccia Prada and Patrizio Bertelli on the introduction:
The purpose of this book is to retrace and represent the multivalent aspects of Prada: from fashion to communication, from the pursuit of excellence to technological advancement, from architecture to art.



Autechre on air

Autechre will broadcast a 12 hour radio show on tuesday 2nd march from 6pm to 6am (GMT). The show will be streamed live from their official website


so chic

what can i say, Christian Louboutin’s shoes are a fetich

and by placing them on my desk i get the chance to show you the hard work i did with that collage a year ago, made by boarding passes and maps and tickets and memorabilia from my trips- i don’t know if i love this most or the shoes..

snake printed classic stiletto’s by Christian Louboutin with the typical red soles: post dedicated to Lady Lydia 😉

fashion stroboscope: readmylips reports for UnNOuVeauiDeal


come to my sweet melody

Roisin Murphy collaborates for the first time with London based sunglasses designer Linda Farrow, under the label Linda Farrow Projects.

Based around a classic half moon cat eye frame made from titanium and coated in 24 carat gold. The sunglass is available in two colours, matt white gold teamed with a grey gradient lens and yellow matt gold teamed with a brown gradient lens.

Linda Farrow Projects now in their third season, in collaboration with Roisin Murphy, Peter Pilotto, Charles Anastase, Todd Lynn, House of Holland, Jeremy Scott, David Szeto, Kokon to Zai, Hussein Chalayan, Tim Hamilton, Gaspard Yurkievich, Walter van Beirendonck and Tim Soar. Each designer creates one sunglass and thus creates his own artistic style through sunglasses, overall complementing the complete silhouette for his brand.

Linda Farrow Vintage



salto mortale

in a beautiful art space in the heart of athens

Justin Lieberman’s biography here


un bel di vedremo

friday’s coming closer and i can’t wait because a few weeks ago i purchased tickets for Puccini’s “Madama Butterfly”, at the Athens Concert Hall. Madama Butterfly it’s in the top 3 of my favorite lyric plays, among Puccini’s “Turandot” and Bizet’s” Les pecheurs de perles” and i had a chance to see it a couple years ago at the Greek National Opera- not a very succesfull cast though. there’s a love story (of course! what were you thinking?) but it’s not as simple as that, because there’s also some strong motherhood nuance that makes the story dramatic and heart-breaking in a different way than other romantic operas.

here for you is the most well known aria from the play, by Maria Callas, since i suppose there isn’t any other better version

* Puccini_ Madama Butterfly – Un Bel Di Vedremo *

Butterfly’s dreaming of the day that her beloved husband will return home after a long absence and describes it with every detail:
One beautiful day we will see a puff of smoke on the far horizon. Then a ship will appear and enter the harbor. I won’t go down to meet him,no, i’ll wait on the hill for him to come. After a long time, i’ ll see in the far distance a man beginning the walk out of the city and up the hill. When he arrives, he will call “Butterfly” from a distance- but i will not answer, partly for fun and partly not to die from the excitement of the first meeting. Then he will speak the names he used to call me: “Little one. Dear wife. Orange blossom.” I promise you that this will happen.

And of course she dies in the end.

info and ticket purchase here